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CA Plex

What is CA Plex?

CA Plex is a multi-platform, model-based, architected rapid application development (ARAD) tool that includes architectural and design objects known as patterns. By eliminating the need to code repeatable elements of applications, patterns significantly accelerate time required for projects, which in turn provides a significant cost savings.

What development challenges does it meet?

Adopting technologies such as Web Services that are key to building a service oriented architecture that addresses not only development but application integration requirements is extremely challenging. CA Plex provides a smart, efficient, single environment to create, integrate and maintain large-scale business applications for multiple platforms.

What features does it offer?

Hundreds of business objects known as patterns are included with CA Plex. By dragging and dropping them into a design model, the properties are instantly inherited saving time and effort. 100% of the native C#, Java, C++ or RPG code needed is automatically generated, with options to expand to SOA-based and web-based implementations. What platforms does it support? Microsoft Windows/.NET, Java/J2EE (including servers that run Java, i.e. Linux, UNIX, etc.) and IBM System i (formerly known as i5, iSeries or AS/400).


What is CA 2E?
CA 2E is a powerful development environment that creates all of the code, database, help text and other objects necessary to deliver full-scale business applications on the IBM System i server. It also provides a dynamic, real-time environment for web enabling, integrating and extending System i applications.

What development challenges does it meet?
CA 2E can help you design powerful applications that are closer to end user requirements. As your business evolves, the ongoing challenge of application maintenance is addressed with the model-based design, storing data in a central location. CA 2E remains the environment of choice for thousands of System i developers across the globe.

What features does it offer?
CA 2E features a model-based design meaning that applications are designed with business requirements in mind rather than technical specifications. Business logic can be readily created, retrieved or changed within design models. Additionally, CA 2E creates all of the code and help text needed to deliver an application for the System i server.

What platforms does it support?
IBM System i (formerly known as i5, iSeries or AS/400)

The Microsoft .NET framework includes various technologies including:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • ASP.NET (web)
  • ADO.NET (data)
  • Windows Forms (windows programs)
  • Common Language Runtime
    …. and many more

Microsoft offers many programming languages that use the .NET framework. The main languages include:

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • C++

These powerful languages can be used to produce all types of programs including Web-Based and Windows Programs.


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