Agrilogic, Bookmaster, Dynaman, Infologic, Integrator, Whodunnit, Point of Sale.


Agrilogic is an integrated business application, including a point of sale module, written by Axiom for the agriculture services industry

Agrilogic offers strong foundation modules as follows:

  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cashbook
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Sales
  • Order Processing
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

It also includes the following modules:

  • New Member Management
  • Direct Purchasing
  • Workshop
  • Point of Sale
  • Business Intelligence reporting with MS SQL Server

Agrilogic is today’s technology: Windows clients coupled to the latest IBM i-Series servers. At present Agrilogic is only available for the IBM i-Series server, but future generations of the package will include both Intel and Unix-type hardware versions.


The World’s Leading Solution for the Publishing & Book Distribution Industry

With the acquisition of Tailor Made Systems (TMS) of Australia and the Bookmaster product in March of 2005, IBS became the world’s leading software company specializing in the development of Bookmaster software solutions for the publishing and book distribution industry. IBS has a history of strong business growth and profitability. The Bookmaster product offering has expanded throughout the world and now has more than 100 customers in 16 countries on all five major continents with IBS’ international network of offices in over 30 countries. Axiom Systems Africa is the distributor for IBS products in sub-saharan Africa

IBS Bookmaster Features

Publish and Distribute Books with Bookmaster from IBS
Bookmaster software from IBS caters to the special requirements of academic, trade, specialized, niche and subscriptions based publishers and distributors. It incorporates a variety of specialized modules and features required by many publishers, such as Royalties, Returns Management, Subscriptions, Editorial & Book Production, Direct Mail, Academic Sales, Title Management, Title Restrictions, dealing with buying groups and much more.

With profound advances in book publishing technology over the years, such as e-Commerce, print-on-demand and just-in-time distribution, the way publishers and book distributors conduct business has been revolutionized. Competition now comes from large book chains and supermarket booksellers, the burgeoning direct sales sector, online sales from sites such as, independent publishers, book clubs and book catalogues. Book publishers face uncertain economic times, changing buyer habits, increased discounting and a growing emphasis on front-list sales. Bookmaster’s stellar modules and features take the guess work out of book publishing however.

Bookmaster comes with specialized modules for journal, educational and loose-leaf publishers. In addition to usual enterprise resource planning functions, book publishing software Bookmaster also offers:

  • Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Financials: Order processing and billing
  • Fully integrated e-Commerce solutions
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Third-party logistics

IBS has been working with book publishers since 1984 using Bookmaster’s software as an enterprise resource planning solution especially designed for publishers and book distributors. As the book industry has evolved so has our Bookmaster product line – continually providing sophisticated and automated publishing solutions.



Infologic is a leading financial and distribution business application for the IBM i-Series range of servers. It is a wholly South African produced software system.

Every organisation has a unique company structure and related terminology, with control being exercised at different levels in that structure. The Infologic software has been designed to meet all management, accounting and financial control requirements in the following way.

The System enables any organisational structure to be defined, as well as the level in that structure at which critical business functions are controlled.
The Control Module is responsible for administering the relationship between the organisational structure and the business functions.
In addition the Control Module allows the authorization of Business Entities per User at every level of the structure, and thereafter controls that access.
The Control Module offers a simple means for Users to create their own personalized menus and for specifying an initial menu, thereby providing a second level of security and access control


IBS Enterprise Application Integration Software (EAI software) is an IT solution that can connect your company with information from anywhere, in any format across the globe. IBS integration software can simplify the complexities of systems integration software, data management and replication, and process synchronization for your company.

EAI software is a cost-effective program that lets you read, write and convert information from any platform with the quick, native connections to the most popular databases.

Enterprise Application Integration software offers powerful integration

IBS EAI software provides the following solutions for all of your IT needs and services:

  • Connects databases, applications, and systems within your group or with business partners
  • Integrates and streamlines internal and/or external processes
  • Makes information visible and usable for your business systems
  • Supports fast, native connections to commonly used databases
  • Integrates your databases or system information for use with other applications
  • Lets you create and maintain scripts that automate and optimize processes
  • Enables the processing of large transaction volumes
  • Provides secure data, authentication, and non-repudiation
  • Update data from any system

IBS systems integration software is compatible with most known databases. You can use IBS integration software to:

  • Read and update all known databases
  • Read, create and convert XML, MS Excel or any other text data
  • Create SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions with web services
  • Replicate and convert data between all known databases
  • Send and receive email, using FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SOAP or encrypted email
  • Sign and verify documents with full support for encryption
  • Access to Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Provide support for MQSeries
  • Use own message passing system, which out-performs MQSeries
  • Provide full XML support to create, query, convert, etc.
  • Provide support for Oracle Queue system for best integration with PL/SQL
  • Communicate using XML or almost any other format.
  • Connecting people and systems

Enterprise application integration software lets you talk with everyone: from customer ERP systems to transporters, 3PL outsourcers, suppliers, financial institutes, service providers and external databases. It lets you use and automate existing information – such as product pricing, sales and purchase orders, and invoices – without the cost of re-entering data.

Point of Sale

Developed by Axiom Systems Africa and currently in use in the Agricultural Services Industry. The Axiom POS system is a pure Point of Sale System suitable for all industries The POS system runs on a Windows based server and plugs into an organisation’s financial database/system. The POS system is an “easy to use” system and being a locally written product is an advantage for the client. At present the back-end system must be IBM i-Series but plans exist to extend the POS to other ERP systems in the near future.

Features Include

  • Credit Limit Control
  • Invoice and Cash Slip Printing
  • Discount Structures
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Credit Note Control
  • Document Reprint Function
  • Quotes
  • Basic Stock Enquiry Function
  • Basic User Maintenance

The POS System creates transactions while in an off-line state