Acumatica Summit 2019

Has it changed everything for Axiom…. In a sense yes, where it needs to.

Axiom attended this years Acumatica summit in Houston Texas from the 27th to the 29th of January 2019 and then Executive training sessions from the 30th of January to the 1st of February.

Spending give or take 30 hours in transit from Cape Town is no joke and thus makes the investment all the greater. While detail will follow below the punch line is simply this that Acumatica has put on a summit amongst the best and arguably better than any I have attended followed by training that challenged my thought processes and paradigms in a way they have not been challenged in perhaps years.

Summit registration was easy, we were presented with a giant bag of adverting and goodies.
The ISV’s of which there are now over 150 were there in their booths displaying some quality and in places mind blowing technology.
Customers were also present and involved, some with booths showing off their wares but primarily as Acumatica evangelists.

I have never been to a summit that has included customers who were as happy with and encouraging about a product as this. I even had a person come and introduce themselves (they are a South African user of Acumatica) then proceed to tell me just how well Axiom will do with Acumatica as a solution.

Day 1 saw 1500 odd people in a giant room bubbling with excitement as a very well received John Roskill (CEO of Acumatica) welcomed, thanked, rewarded and encouraged, customers ISVs and VAR Partners. This session even included personal size cakes for everyone which were delicious. Break out sessions were informative and valuable.
See link for more Day 1 action:

Day 2 saw the an equally excited crowd and more compelling content. Acumatica 2019 R1 has some amazing new updates and is going to do enormously well. Mike Massimino was the humble and inspirational keynote. His story of challenge, change and success held many parallels to our industry. A book signing post event was the cherry on the cake.
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Day 3-5 included executive onboarding and training for me which I was naturally dubious about. To their credit this was not an Acumatica indoctrination course but rather a business process debate on the status quo of the traditional value added reseller.
Suffice it to say that while not all of what came out of this course will be implemented in all of Axiom, we will look to implement it for all things Acumatica and where possible some other verticals.
For more information on what these new and exciting opportunities are please contact me at and I’d be very happy to share.

The investment in time and money was a great one. We have energy and direction with this great product and a rosy outlook on 2019 onward.

Final recap and thoughts in the link below

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