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Axiom Systems Africa: Hardware | Software | Services

Axiom is comprised of three business divisions that address diverse aspects of the Information Technology (IT) and Business arenas. When working together in concert, these divisions are able to meet the composite needs of most of today's business environments. These pillars of the business are: Infrastructure, Software Development Services and Application Services. The essence of Axiom is captured in the company slogan: "We make IT work" We trust you will enjoy your visit to our website.

Our Partners

Bookmaster -an integrated application for the publishing industry. Integrator - an Enterprise Integration tool
Software for servers and personal systems and Application Development for .Net
CA Plex and CA 2E products for web-enablement, workflow and cross-platform pattern-based development of business.
Servers, personal systems and printers – supply and support of servers in the mid-range arena, personal computers, laptops and printers.  Software - supply and implementation of HP software to support and enhance HP products.